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Real Training Today for Real Emergencies Tomorrow


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Employment of EMT's and paramedics is projected to grow 7 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this rate is much faster than the average of all occupations.

Many of our graduates are offered employment PRIOR to graduation!

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections program

Excellence in EMS Education!

Paramedic Course


The paramedic is the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care. Providers at this level are able to perform advanced life support for the medical and trauma patient. 

EMT Course

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The EMT is the introductory level of EMS training and gives students the knowledge needed to work as an Emergency Medical Technician. 

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AEMT Course


The Advanced EMT curriculum includes instruction in preparatory skills, advanced airway management and ventilation, patient assessment, trauma, medical emergencies, shock management and more. 

EMR Course


This Emergency Medical Responder course is for individuals who want to be on emergency response teams at their place of employment or who want to serve as fire, police or security personnel.  Those who successfully complete the course are eligible for state certification.

Refresher Courses


COEMST offers online refreshers for all levels.

All coursework is completed online, then you'll come to the facility to complete the practical skills. 

It's that easy!

CPR and First Aid Courses


These courses help the student obtain life-saving knowledge and skills designed to assist with being prepared in the event of an emergency


"Central Ohio EMS Training continues to excel in the EMS education field.  

Commitment to the students, along with accountability of the students are two of the best traits that come to mind when I think about COEMST.  The staff, no matter their years in the service, take the time to ensure that the students are equipped for the real world.   When students complete the programs at COEMST, we know that they are ready to work in the EMS profession.  The staff's dedication to the students is incredible, and whether it is staying late to help the student understand a topic or answering a phone call about a software program, the staff is available to the student.  

As a graduate of the inaugural Paramedic program myself,  and as an employer of several members who've completed all facets of EMS training, the commitment to the students and the EMS profession is second to none.  

The school offers many different plans of study, which make it easier for students to maintain full-time employment and continue to further their EMS education.  In this day and age, flexibility is key to a successful program.  As a department with a limited training budget, flexibility is something that I need to consider. 

For these reasons, I will continue to utilize the services of Central Ohio EMS training for the initial and ongoing education of EMS providers."

Chief Rick Lanuzza
Fredericktown EMS 

"I had the wonderful opportunity back in May of 2022 to study Emergency Medical Technician at Central Ohio EMS Training.  I have only great things to say about my experience.  The teachers are amazing and make it their personal mission that all students have the tools and information to succeed.   The curriculum is second to none.  Regarding the workplace, I can say that Central Ohio EMS Training has equipped me with everything I need to be a successful EMT.  I will forever recommend this great school to anyone interested in practicing prehospital emergency medical service."

Kellie Laug

“The Program at Central Ohio EMS Training is well respected for its ability to prepare students for a wide range of career paths in EMS. Your students continually prove themselves to be leaders in the industry with a skill set that is unparalleled and a strong dedication to serving the public.”

Employer of COEMST graduate

"Central Ohio EMS training is an asset to the EMS Community. They have worked tirelessly for many years to build a quality institution for learning and skills retention. We are blessed to have them providing this service locally in North Central Ohio and building the ranks of our First Responders. It is because of their work and dedication that we have  outstanding professionals to fill the ranks of our local Fire Departments and EMS agencies to assist the public in their time of need."  


Mike Senter

"You are held to a high standard and expected to keep yourself accountable. This course was great and in time I hope to do the medic class here..." David T. COEMST Graduate, EMT



Central Ohio EMS Training partners with North Central State College as the EMS educational facility for the EMS programs. Students may enroll in the programs independently or through NCSC.



Central Ohio EMS Training is accredited by the State of Ohio to provide all levels of EMS education.

North Central State College /Central Ohio EMS Training Consortium is nationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. In collaboration with its Committees on Accreditation, CAAHEP reviews and accredits over 2000 educational programs in twenty-three (23) health science occupations.


Central Ohio EMS Training is part of a consortium called North Central State College / Central Ohio EMS Training Consortium, which is specific to training for Paramedic
 students only.

 Students may enroll through North Central State College or through Central Ohio EMS Training. 

 Paramedic Program students (graduates) accepted to North Central State College will receive a maximum of 30 transfer credits for the successful completion of their  Paramedic Certificate deemed comparable (based on current course description information, course requirements, and agreement by the representatives of the  respective programs) to current North Central State College courses. North Central State College partners with the Central Ohio EMS Training Center to provide this medical certification. This certificate can be applied towards a Health Services Technology Associate Degree.

Our Mission


Central Ohio EMS Training strives to provide an exceptional educational experience that enables the highly motivated student to become an excellent EMS provider as well as a leader in the profession.

We are committed to helping students develop excellence in their professional practice, by equipping students with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to become competent entry-level EMS Providers.

Central Ohio EMS Training graduates will understand and apply didactic information, demonstrate proficiency in all required skills, and demonstrate personal and ethical behaviors consistent with the EMS profession.

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