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What is Critical Incident Stress Management?


Critical incident stress management is a system of crisis interventions that are designed to mitigate the psychological damage associated with unusual and stressful events, also called critical incidents. This specific critical incident stress management is a type of crisis intervention designed to provide support for public safety providers who have experienced traumatic calls or events.

The focus of the CISM process is to:

  • Lessen the impact of the critical incident

  • Normalize reactions to the incident. Understand normal reactions to an abnormal event.

  • Encourage the natural recovery process

  • Restore the adaptive functioning skills of the person and/or group

  • Determine the need for further supportive services or therapy

Tri County Logo2-1.jpg

The Tri-County CISD Team was formed to provide support and critical incident stress management following a traumatic or critical event for firefighters and/or EMS providers. The purpose of the team is to help providers deal with the normal emotions and responses that accompany abnormal or very stressful situations. We do this by utilizing education and crisis intervention in the form of defusings, debriefings, and provision of resources for referral.

Currently, the team provides services for Richland, Ashland, Wayne, and surrounding Ohio counties.


The Team is not designed to replace on-going professional counseling, but to provide education and immediate crisis intervention.

Department personnel may request our team by calling their county 911 in Richland, Ashland, or Wayne counties, OR Contact Team Leader, Angie Hoptry 419-295-5907

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