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Central Ohio EMS Training’s January spotlight shines on EMT Alumn Kellie graduated from the COEMST program in August 2022. Since graduation, she has been working for Franklin Township Fire and MedCare. In addition, she recently finished the volunteer fire course. Kellie really enjoys working as an EMT and rose to the challenge of the volunteer fire program. She admits that parts of fire training were daunting, but she persevered with determination. In her spare time, Kellie helps children and works in the Mansfield Christian School’s food service department. Those who know Kellie, realize that she is an energetic, sincere, hard-working, dynamic person who embraces life to it’s fullest extent. She truly looks at each situation with contagious positivity, and fights to make sure that even the most challenging of patients are treated with respect and dignity. That is one thing that truly sets her apart from the crowd. Kellie always has a smile on her face even in the bleakest of times. In addition to her professional career, Kellie is the mother to ten children and grandmother to four (soon to be five) grandchildren. When asked what drew her to EMS, Kellie highlights that it was the experience with her (now) 21-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born with hydrocephaly, which is a condition causing excessive fluid on the brain. Elizabeth was not expected to live a full life, and doctors tried to dissuade Kellie from giving her daughter a chance. However, Kellie loved and helped her daughter through a vast number of challenges. She had seven shunt revisions, was a NICU resident, MedFlight passenger, and lived for two weeks in PICU. Doctors told Kellie that Elizabeth would never talk or be able to communicate effectively. The did not really give her a chance to have a normal life. However, this did not stop Kellie from working with Elizabeth every day. Eventually, Kellie was able to see positive changes in her daughter. Elizabeth can read, she successfully holds down a job, and lives independently. While she still has some medical challenges, Elizabeth has been able to live a full life as a result of her mother’s never-ending support, determination and hard work. Kellie wants to help people who have been dealt a difficult hand in life. That is one of the main reasons that she became an EMT. She finds a way to treat people with respect and love even when the person may not be demonstrating a “loveable” personality. She really makes it her life’s mission to spread joy, positivity and love whenever possible. Kellie’s wonderful family includes children Hannah, Abi, Elizabeth, Lydia, (twins) Sophia and Samantha, Nathan, Benjamin, Leah, and Josiah. In addition to her children, Kellie is blessed with four beautiful grandchildren, Weston, Wayne, Anne, and Amos. As most would imagine, her family, school and work keep her very busy! However, she still finds time to give back to the church and community. Kellie volunteers at church, and together with the family, volunteers at Friendly House serving meals to those less fortunate at Thanksgiving. She continues to find ways to make a difference and give back to her friends, family and community. Kellie is considering furthering her education and embraces every opportunity to expand her EMT experience. She also looks forward to the personal blessing and professional challenges that lie ahead.

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